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Our teams are passionately seeking ways of developing our salt tablets for softening or pool water disinfection applications.
Experts serving customers

• Our research and development laboratory is located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region at Aigues Mortes.

• The staff is made up of water treatment engineers, laboratory technicians and a Research & Development department.

«… is continually developing innovative solutions to meet your needs.»

• Our Research & Development unit is continually developing innovative solutions to meet your needs.

> The Salins Group has developed a highly efficient softener salt. The salt is naturally very pure and is perfectly suitable for regenerating the softener resin while preventing it from clogging.

> Our salt pellets for pools are specially designed for the purpose of electrochlorination. Your pool receives a natural salt treatment, without the inconvenience associated with the use of other chemicals, such as chlorine tablets for example.

> R& D adapts Salins products to meet the needs of the appliances (softener resins or electrochlorinator cells) working in partnership with major brands in the industry.

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