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Innovations developed by Research & Development and Salins Group patented products.
The first Salins water treatment patent: the 2 in 1 salt pellet for pool electrochlorination

• The Salins Group filed its first patent for a water treatment application in 1991. It was the first salt producer in the world to patent a formula for pool pellets.

• This product was initially called Aquaswim and is a 2 in 1 product. It contains very pure salt and a stabilizer that protects the chlorine produced by electrolysis from UV rays and makes it easier to maintain crystal clear water. Subsequently, Aquaswim became "Neptune 2 in 1".

• In 2010, the Salins group filed a patent for a 4 in 1 pool salt pellet: Aquaswim Acti +. In addition to a salt function for electrochlorination of water, this pellet also has the following features: a stabilizer for pre-dosed chlorine, a demineralization function and an anticorrosive function.

The first 2 in 1 salt pellet for water softeners in Europe

• In 2010, the first 2 in 1 pellets for water softeners: the Salins Group launched a new patented formula for a salt pellet for the treatment of water in softeners. The Aqua Protect pellet consists of a salt of high chemical purity enriched with a unique active agent to unclog ion exchange resins in water softeners: s -protect.

• Once again, Salins shows itself to be a pioneer in Europe with this first 2 in 1 pellet for water softeners.

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