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Sea salt, rock salt and evaporated salt are all existing types of salt.
Sea salt sel de mer

Brine is concentrated by evaporation caused by the sun and wind in salt marshes.

• Water is pumped from the sea and flows either by gravity or by means of pumps in succession through special ponds. It travels a long way before arriving in the form of saturated brine, through the effect of natural evaporation by sun and wind, at the salt tables on which the salt crystallizes and is deposited.

• Sea salt is mainly used for snow removal, chemistry and food, as table salt for example.

Rock salt sel gemme

• Rock salt is extracted from underground salt mines in blocks. These mines go back thousands of years when the oceans evaporated, creating salt layers that may become several meters thick.

• Rock salt is mainly used for snow removal in winter or for animal consumption.

Evaporated or refined salt sel raffiné

• Underground salt deposits, otherwise known as "evaporated salts" were formed by the deposit from ancient seas. Brine (highly concentrated salt water) is obtained by injecting fresh water into the ground. It is then returned to the surface to be evaporated in a vacuum in large evaporators, in which the salt crystallizes. This process gives the purest salt of the three manufacturing techniques. This salt of very high purity is more commonly called "refined salt".

And it is this that is recommended for the treatment of water.