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Not all salts are the same, and salt pellets used in water treatment must meet specific characteristics.
Choosing the right salt

• Only refined salt must be used for water treatment because it is a very high purity salt.

• Salins Group salt is a refined salt of high chemical purity (99.9% NaCl), which provides optimum efficiency for water softening and electrochlorination of swimming pools. This is because it contains very few trace elements (such as iron, copper, lead, manganese, etc.) which may harm the treatment equipment. For example, it prevents insoluble matter from being deposited in the softener salt container or indelible stains from appearing on pool liners.

• Salt for water treatment must meet the following two purity criteria: Chemical purity: the salt does not contain insoluble material that could foul up brine extraction systems and clog the resins. In addition, special attention is paid to the salt used for electrochlorination so that it does not contain trace elements that are harmful to the proper functioning of the electrochlorinator or pool liner. Microbiological purity: the salt must be free from any pathogen.

• Compaction: Salt for water treatment must also meet a physical criterion. The salt used must be in pellet form to prevent salt mushing or setting in a block in the softener salt container. In pools, pellets make for homogeneous dissolution in the pool and optimal salinity for the water which will circulate once the electrochlorinator has been switched on.